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Welcome to Go buy Toys

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In his younger years, founder Jayson with his 2 brothers Mark (youngest) and Sherwin (eldest) grew up dreaming being in a toy paradise where they can get all sorts of toys their hearts can desire, although during the early 1980's there are not much of variety to choose from, they were able to ger their hands on very simple ones  where they can share and play all day long. Gobuytoys.com were established bearing this in mind. We would like people to have variety of choices from, educational, RC's, classic and recreational.  We dedicate our time looking for the best toys with the best price and quality and offer comfortability of buying it without having to go to a physical store. We hope that you find our store helpful in looking for that perfect gift or reward for the younger ones and the young at hearts.

More than Just Toys

Here at gobuytoys.com we offer not just the toys, but the experience and the smile that it gives to your friends, family or your self!

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